Awards at Prolight + Sound

Impressive evening events during the Prolight + Sound form the backdrop for the presentation of important awards for the event sector.

Opus – German Stage Award

Rigoletto (Source: Karl Forster)
Rigoletto (Source: Karl Forster)

The Opus has been given for outstanding stage projects during Prolight + Sound since 2002. A jury of experts from the industry, associations and trade publications, as well as representatives of Messe Frankfurt, honours new, exceptional approaches to the creative use of technology. The honorary award is sponsored by the Professional Lighting & Sound Association of Germany (Verband für Licht-, Ton- und Veranstaltungstechnik - VPLT), the European Association of Event Centres (Europäischer Verband der Veranstaltungs-Centren - EVVC) and Messe Frankfurt GmbH.

Also and especially against the background of the special challenges in the past months, the Opus awards the creative and innovative use of event technology in theatre, stage and open-air productions.

Winner 2020/21*

Rigoletto (Source: Karl Forster)
Rigoletto (Source: Karl Forster)

A version of the most popular Italian operas that redefines the limits of the possible has been enchanting visitors to the ‘Seebühne’ (Lake stage) in Bregenz since the beginning of the 2019 season. The production of Rigoletto by Munich-based director Philipp Stölzl has been selected for this year’s ‘Opus – German Stage Award’. The centrepiece of the opulent and technically elaborate set are the moveable parts of a colossal clown, which reflects the fate of Rigoletto.

Thus, the jury was highly impressed not only by the extremely sophisticated hydraulic control of the life-like clown parts but also, in particular, by the integration of the opera dramaturgy in the technical aspects. In Bregenz, the technology is not just there for technology’s sake but goes hand-in-hand with the implementation of an artistic idea.

A 35-tonne moving head with a removable nose, a 338 square metre collar controlled by a cable winch, two movable hands made of steel, wood and polystyrene, a tethered balloon filled with 1,300 cubic metres of helium: alone the dimensions of the set are breath-taking. And no compromises have been made when it comes to the event technology, too: over 300 spotlights, 60 of them moving lights, ensure the right atmosphere while the total output of the stage’s sophisticated sound systems amounts to no less than 220,000 watts.

Rigoletto is the result of a process that took three years from the planning stage to the final corrections. Just building the stage took ten months and involved no less than 46 equipment suppliers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The target-oriented collaboration between the various technological disciplines has produced an impressive, all-embracing holistic musical and theatrical experience. Philipp Stölzl and his team took a calculated risk in scenic, artistic and technical terms. And mastered it in an outstanding way.

* As a result of the cancellation of Prolight + Sound 2020 the prize will be awarded during the Prolight + Sound BIZLounge 2021.

Sinus – Systems Integration Award

Numerous audio-visual exhibits accompany visitors on their journey through the company’s history ngeschichte
Numerous audio-visual exhibits accompany visitors on their journey through the company’s history ngeschichte

The Sinus honours outstandingly creative and artistic achievements and solutions with respect to the use of technology in audio-visual installations. The award has been given annually at Prolight + Sound since 2004. The jury and the trustees of the award comprise representatives of the German Media and Event Technology Association (VPLT), the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC) and other experts from the sector, as well as representatives of the trade press and Messe Frankfurt.

Personalities and companies in the industry can submit their projects to the Sinus expert jury and apply for the established award.

Winners 2020/21*

Osram Kino

The Osram “World of Light” is a flexible and elaborate showroom which reveals the spectrum of expertise and products offered by Osram Licht AG and presents the company as a high-tech supplier with a tradition dating back over 100 years.

The Sinus Award jury was particularly impressed by the multi-functional approach, which permits a wide variety of uses, as well as by the uncompromising execution from the model to finished project, which meets the client’s requirements flawlessly. In this way, the many special challenges have been mastered perfectly, e.g., the integration of the World of Light in existing parts of the Osram headquarters and the planning and installation of a complex media-control system in several different parts of the building.

Osram Themen

Covering two levels, this world of infotainment includes a cinema, audio and video content, multifarious lighting units and mist effects. Light can be experienced on an emotional plane in a Light Box – a lighting timeline documents the technological milestones. On the ground floor, a moving glass dividing-wall system permits different room variations: open for press conferences and big events; closed as a versatile workshop area.

Involved in the project were:

  • Osram Licht AG (client)
  • Ranger Design (general contractor)
  • Techniz Ingenieurbüro (technical media planning)
  • 3lpi (lighting planning)
  • Salzbrenner (media systems)
  • Schindler Lichtdesign (GrandMA programming)
  • Tricksal (‘Lightelligence’ installation)
  • Livebau (Light installation)

* As a result of the cancellation of Prolight + Sound 2020 the prize will be awarded during the show 2021.

Green Event Space Contest

Green Event Space Contest
Green Event Space Contest

Please note: The realisation of best concept will be implemented at Prolight + Sound 2023. With this postponement, we are following the wish of relevant universities to be able to integrate the concept development for the „Green Event Space Contest“ into the summer semester 2022 as part of project work. Applications are still possible.

What will the sustainable trade fair presentation of the future look like? What needs to be considered when implementing such a project? Convince a jury of experts with your creative ideas!

Prolight + Sound stands as a platform for innovative projects and, with the Green Event Space Contest, would like to make a contribution to the conservation of natural resources and, at the same time, take into account the event industry's desire for impressive presentation possibilities. The Green Event Space Contest awards prizes for future-oriented trade fair presentations that can be realised with due consideration of ecological sustainability, social aspects such as accessibility and with a limited budget.

Apply with your project.

A jury of experts from companies, associations and representatives of Messe Frankfurt will select the winning project.

What are we looking for?

  • Detailed concept for a multifunctional and sustainable showcase of the future: trade fair presentation with integrated stage area for live presentations.
  • Focus on flexible usability, innovative approaches, effective and possibly interactive presentation possibilities
  • Interpretation of the concept of sustainability based on the "three-pillar model”
    • Ecological sustainability: e.g. use of recyclable materials, energy-saving technology with a long service life, avoidance of long transport routes, avoidance of waste
    • Social sustainability: e.g. accessibility (also by technical means), possibility for people with disabilities to participate in the project, use of fair trade products.
    • Economic sustainability: e.g. feasibility of the project within an economically viable framework, accessibility also for clients with limited budgets.

Project award

  • Realisation of the project: Realisation by event service provider L&S GmbH within the framework of Prolight + Sound 2023
  • The organiser bears the costs of implementation
  • Support through extensive marketing and PR activities incl. naming of the concept originator

We are looking forward to your innovative concept for a greener future!