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About Prolight + Sound

Prolight + Sound offers a broad spectrum from light and sound, via theatre and stage, to AV systems integration, display and media technology. Prolight + Sound will be a place for you where you feel at home and where great ideas for the event industry of the future are born and shown. Be there when the event family meets in Frankfurt under the slogan: Elevate your stage – elevate your inspiration.

Prolight + Sound 2023 in numbers

The event industry is back! Prolight + Sound 2023 put a strong exclamation mark on events and entertainment. The event once again achieved high satisfaction ratings: 88 percent of the exhibiting companies and 83 percent of the visitors said they had achieved their goals at Prolight + Sound.

Numbers Prolight + Sound 2023
Numbers Prolight + Sound 2023
Numbers Prolight + Sound 2023
Numbers Prolight + Sound 2023
Numbers Prolight + Sound 2023
Numbers Prolight + Sound 2023

Meet your customers at Prolight + Sound

Tulip Club

The target group of clients includes executives and decision-makers in facilities and sectors that use the technologies and services to implement their offerings and pursue their economic goals. These are, for example, event venues of all kinds, such as stadiums, arenas, exhibition centres, congress and conference centres and theatres, experience venues such as brand worlds, amusement parks and museums, as well as facilities where a section is used for visitor experiences, such as hotels, cruise ships or flagship stores. Furthermore, public institutions and educational facilities use technology for better communication and interaction with their visitors.

Visitors at Prolight + Sound

After a contract has been awarded or in an advisory capacity during the initiation of contracts, specialists and managers with a conceptual focus are involved in projects that simultaneously consider economic, technical and aesthetic aspects. These are, for example, show producers, project managers, event agencies, concert and festival organisers, event managers in companies, trade fair planners, those responsible in broadcasting companies, architects, engineering offices, general contractors or event planners.

Lecture at Prolight + Sound

Set designers, stage designers, lighting designers, scenographers, system houses, room designers, event service providers, rental companies, system integrators, studio operators, audio designers, sound engineers, FOH engineers and similar professional groups implement requirements operationally on the basis of conceptual specifications.

Visitors of Prolight + Sound

Specialised personnel such as audio technicians, lighting technicians, camera operators, stage technicians, riggers, video and media technicians, pyrotechnicians, production technicians, post-production technicians, media designers for image and sound, security technicians or sound technicians, PA technicians, system technicians are directly involved in the technical equipment. This also includes (semi-) professional musicians and DJs as direct users of technology, for example in the rehearsal room.

Visitors at Prolight + Sound

Special offers for young people attract schoolchildren, students, academy graduates, trainees and young professionals looking for a job to Prolight + Sound, as well as professionals who want to change their career direction.

That was Prolight + Sound 2023

Prolight + Sound offers a place where the industry meets and feels at home and where great ideas for the event industry of the future are born and shown.

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