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Awards at Prolight + Sound

Impressive evening events form the backdrop for the presentation of two major awards, "Opus – German Stage Award" and "Sinus - Systems Integration Award", as well as the Prolight + Sound International Press Award (PIPA).

Opus – German Stage Award

Lighting design: "Woman Worldwide" tour by band Justice / Source: Promo
Lighting design: "Woman Worldwide" tour by band Justice / Source: Promo

The Opus has been given for outstanding stage projects during Prolight + Sound since 2002. A jury of experts from the industry, associations and trade publications, as well as representatives of Messe Frankfurt, honours new, exceptional approaches to the creative use of technology. The honorary award is sponsored by the Professional Lighting & Sound Association of Germany (Verband für Licht-, Ton- und Veranstaltungstechnik - VPLT), the European Association of Event Centres (Europäischer Verband der Veranstaltungs-Centren - EVVC) and Messe Frankfurt GmbH.

Opus honours the creative and innovative use of event technology in projects, such as:

  • Theatre and stage productions
  • Concerts and tours
  • Conferences and corporate events
  • Urban festivals and open-air events

The winners 2019:

The artistic and technical realisation: "The Parallel World"

Parallelwelt / Souce: Birgit Hupfeld
Parallelwelt / Source: Birgit Hupfeld

Two theatres, two stages, two auditoriums with a dual audience in two cities, who act as if they were one. "The Parallel World" is a play which tells the story of one person from birth to death. The stages present the plot in opposite directions (birth – death, death – birth). The strands of the plot meet only once in the middle of the play. The two theatrical groups are a counterpoint to each other. At this moment all certainties about our existence finally falter. Natural laws go mad; images of reality begin to dance.

At the Dortmund Theatre and the Berliner Ensemble seven actors each take the stage. They are filmed and wear microphones. What they say and what the cameras see can be viewed on a screen in the other city in as good as real-time. In each of the theatres, along with the screen story, the audience see the "genuine" events on "their" stage. That the actors play in parallel and also interact with each other is made possible because the delay of about 0.3 seconds is hardly noticeable. 

With this production Kay Voges is consistently pursuing the path which he already began many years ago: he is developing a new theatrical language by making modern media a part of the content and incorporating it in the overall aesthetic.

The lighting design: "Woman Worldwide" tour by band Justice

The lighting design: "Woman Worldwide" tour by band Justice / Source: Promo
The lighting design: "Woman Worldwide" tour by band Justice / Source: Promo

The second Opus 2019 is a personal award to Vincent Lerisson for the unusual and variable lighting design for the "Woman Worldwide" tour by the French electro-band Justice. As lighting designer Lerisson is a permanent member of the band.

The show largely dispenses with the video content often used in stage productions of this genre. Instead, Lerisson relies on the use of the very latest technology, great depth through focused lighting from the wings and various levels in the roof, and extremely precise timing: thus his impressive light show enjoys a perfect symbiosis with the songs played and the two artistes. The particular highlight of his stage design were the movable stage elements. These consisted of triangular structures, mounted on media spinners. On each of the three sides different surfaces were installed – a mirror, Chromlech Elidy and a video surface with 6mm pixel pitch. A further element in the stage show are the walls of sound, more familiar in rock concerts, which optically broaden the stage and in the course of the show surprise by becoming light sources themselves. The whole set design is extremely efficient for the surface employed: it opens out the space and frames the artistes, who in front of the Chromlech Elidys frequently appear as silhouettes.    

The starting date for the Woman Worldwide Tour was March 2018 in Bogotá. There followed performances in over 20 countries on five continents.

Sinus – Systems Integration Award

Project: Inspiration Wall at the Merck Innovation Centre / Source: ART+COM Studios
Project: Inspiration Wall at the Merck Innovation Centre / Source: ART+COM Studios

The Sinus has been awarded in alternating categories and is one of the most coveted honours of the AV media-technology sector. It puts the spotlight on outstanding contributions made to the field of audio-visual communication. The conceptual partners of this honorary award are the Professional Lighting & Sound Association of Germany (Verband für Licht-, Ton- und Veranstaltungstechnik - VPLT), the European Association of Event Centres (Europäischer Verband der Veranstaltungs-Centren - EVVC) and Messe Frankfurt. The jury comprises association members, experts, journalists and representatives of Messe Frankfurt.

The winners 2019:

Project: Media technology at the GEO Mission Control Centre

Media technology at the GEO Mission Control Centre

Customer: EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites), Darmstadt
Contractors: SWiCA Conference Technology, Hirschberg a.d. Bergstrasse
Welco AG, Arlesheim (Switzerland)

Renewed media technology with IP-based signal distribution has been ensuring optimum operational processes at the GEO Mission Control Centre (GEO MCC) of EUMETSAT since last year. EUMETSAT, an international organisation based in Darmstadt, operates weather satellites that provide images for weather observations and forecasting and helps gather information about climate change and global warming. According to EUMETSAT, the GEO MCC is Europe’s most modern nerve centre for controlling satellites.

Mission Control 2

Besides three big video walls, the pivotal point of the renewed media technology is the IP-based signal distribution whereby all video and audio signals and the KVM control system are distributed via a central network. The controller is an AMX-NX system with command input via AMX touch panels.

Special importance has been given to audio transmission. Signals such as speech and alarms are not only transmitted via the operator’s monitor loudspeakers but also via high-quality 2-way loudspeakers installed behind acoustically transparent panelling to the left and right of the display walls. Routing is via a DSP matrix with 96 channels currently in use.

A great challenge facing the contractors was that no external software may be used on the EUMETSAT computer systems. Accordingly, all applications used had to be written specially to control the satellites. The jury also made special mention of the fact that the GEO MCC is open to the public within the framework of guided tours.

Project: Inspiration Wall at the Merck Innovation Centre

Project: Inspiration Wall at the Merck Innovation Centre

Customer: Merck KGaA, Darmstadt
Contractors: eyevis GmbH, Reutlingen
ART+COM Studios, Berlin
medienprojekt P2, Stuttgart
MKT-AG, Olching
schnellebuntebilder, Berlin

The Inspiration Wall is an expansive kinetic installation that gives the foyer of the Merck Innovation Centre its unmistakable identity. The choreography of the installation emerges from the dynamic interaction of the physical movement of the monitors and the virtual movement of the images.

InspirationWall 2

The installation covers a slightly convex wall, almost 18 metres long, and consists of 24 rows, each with three monitors that can be moved individually on a vertical axis. The moving images of the installation are created procedurally and in real-time within a predefined spectrum: the numerous individual scenes are developed from ten distinct visual worlds and repeatedly reformed anew by different generative elements, ensuring they never repeat.

The installation also reacts to the movement of visitors and changes its appearance and behaviour over the course of the day. As activity in the foyer increases, the choreography becomes more dynamic. In the evening, the very bright monitors become even brighter while the pace of the choreography slows. The flow of images is also mixed with typographic content: short announcements by the Innovation Centre up to a maximum of 140 characters as well as current hashtags from selected Merck Twitter accounts.

mondo*dr Award

mondo dr Award

Brought to you by the team behind mondo*dr magazine, the mondo*dr awards were launched in 2017 to recognise and celebrate the best installation projects from around the globe.

  • Arena
  • Bar & Restaurant
  • Concert Hall
  • House of Worship
  • Multipurpose Venue
  • Nightclub
  • Parks & Attractions
  • Stadium
  • Theatre

Anyone can enter a project. From manufacturers to distributors, installers to lighting designers, architects to acousticians, consultants to venue operators - the project simply needs to be a fixed installation from the entertainment world. Winners will be decided by a panel of independent judges and previous awards winners.

The award ceremony will take place on 31 March 2020.

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PRG Live Entertainment Award (PRG LEA)

The PRG Live Entertainment Award (PRG LEA) is the official opening event of Prolight + Sound and Musikmesse. Outstanding achievements of the event industry will be honoured at a high-grade gala evening in the ‘Festhalle Frankfurt’.

PRG Live Entertainment Award at Festhalle in Frankfurt

This event is unparalleled in Europe and the almost 1,400 invited guests represent a cross section of the event industry. In 14 categories, concert promoters, agencies, artists’ managers and venue operators, in some cases with the stage artists, will be honoured for successful tours, shows, festivals and individual events and outstandingly managed locations.

All renowned personalities from the sector will be there.

The PRG Live Entertainment Award 2020 will be presented on the 30 March 2020 in the Festhalle Frankfurt.

Prolight + Sound International Press Award

Every year at Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound, trade journalists from all over the world present awards for the best products in the event technology sector.

Under the auspices of MM-Musik-Media-Verlag publishing company, a jury of international trade journalists meet in Frankfurt and give the Prolight + Sound International Press Award (PIPA).  

The awards will be presented to the winners for outstanding products in the recording, pro-audio and lights / video categories at a grand evening event with over 300 representatives of international manufacturers and distributors.

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