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Audio & Studio

Experience the entire product world of professional audio technology. The focus is on live and concert sound reinforcement as well as fixed installations and studio and broadcast solutions. On the outdoor area, companies will present large PA systems under real conditions. In addition, there is an extensive supporting programme on the Main Stage, which focuses in particular on future topics such as IP-based transmission technology and immersive audio applications.

ProAudio College

Audio professionals and, of course, all interested industry newcomers have a new place to go: the ProAudio College, which is being implemented together with the Verband Deutscher Tonmeister e.V. (VDT). 

Vortrag auf der Bühne

The Pro Audio College offers a four-day advanced training programme. The focus of the lecture programme is on current trends in the sound reinforcement scene, innovations around home studio productions as well as exclusive training modules from the SQQ7 curriculum. 

The range of topics of the ProAudio College is divided into four strands:

Firstly, the curriculum of the SQQ7 educational standard. This was developed by a diverse working group under the leadership of the #VDT and defines learning objectives for further training to become a "certified professional sound specialist".

SQQ7 was presented at Prolight + Sound 2022 by the VDT and the Interessengemeinschaft Veranstaltungswirtschaft and includes e.g. focal points such as hearing training, physical basics of acoustics, signal sources and signal processing, network technology and intercom systems.

Current tasks in the sound reinforcement scene are on the agenda in the second thematic strand. How can you deliver a good sound reinforcement in a challenging room? What should a newcomer to sound reinforcement pay particular attention to? What are the latest developments in the industry?

The third topic is about productions in home and project studios. Here, the programme addresses the important core questions that every studio operator faces during productions.

The fourth strand deals with career planning for the future and gives tips for career entrants

Participants will receive a written confirmation as proof of the knowledge they have gained.
The lectures will be held partly in German and partly in English. 

More information and the programme will follow.

Location: Room „Transparenz 1“, Portalhaus Level 1


11.30 - 12.30 Current tasks from the sound reinforcement scene: Live practice: Sound reinforcement in difficult rooms 
14.30 - 15.30 Tips for young professionals: Your way to the desk - sound is a matter of attitude!
16.00 - 17.00 Current tasks from the sound reinforcement scene; live practice: immersive sound in live operation - when is immersive sound reinforcement worthwhile?
10.30 - 11.30 Exclusive training modules from the new SQQ7 curriculum: Sound level measurement
13.00 - 14.00 Tips for young professionals: Your way to the desk - sound is a matter of attitude!
14.30 - 15.30 Current tasks from the sound reinforcement scene: Immersive sound for live concerts – when is an immersive sound design practicable?
16.00 - 17.00 Studio production in the home studio: Mixdown of a rock/pop production in stereo
10.30 - 11.30 Exclusive training modules from the new SQQ7 curriculum: Psychoacoustics 
12.30 - 13.30 Current tasks from the sound reinforcement scene: Live Sound: Sound reinforcement in difficult acoustics
14.00 - 15.00 Home studio production: Mixdown of a Rock Pop Produktion in Stereo
11.00 - 12.00 Exclusive training modules from the new SQQ7 curriculum: mixing consoles through the ages
14.00 - 15.00 Studio production in the home studio: Mixdown of a rock/pop production in stereo

Live Sound Arena

Live Sound Arena at the exhibition grounds of Messe Frankfurt | Prolight + Sound

At the outdoor exhibition area, the Outdoor Live Sound Arena will be showcasing ideal stage designs and sound systems under realistic conditions.

Location: Outdoor area in front of Hall 11

Among the companies presenting their products at the Live Sound Arena this year are:

Aura Audio Logo
DAS Logo
Harmonic Design
HK Audio
KV Audio
PK Sound Logo
Voice Acoustic Logo

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You can experience these artists live on the "Live Sound Arena" and on the "Pro Musik Lounge Stage":

New: Get-together @ Prolight + Sound


In addition to business and further education, the industry should also celebrate at Prolight + Sound - together, sonorously and exuberantly. We invite all visitors and exhibitors to the first "Get-together @ Prolight + Sound" at the Live Sound Arena with music and drinks on the first evening of the fair, from 6 pm. Participation is free of charge, we are happy to invite you.

Main Stage

The focus here is on future solutions for audio and sound reinforcement. In addition, the stage offers space for cross-industry topics, such as sustainability/green events and the promotion of young talent.

Location: Hall 11.0

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Silent Stage

Silent Stage of Prolight + Sound

The Silent Stage returns to Prolight + Sound and will be implemented throughout the fair with three slots per day, each with 30-minute programmes. A live band will present the effect of a Silent Stage. You will also have the opportunity to experience the bass of the band on resonance platforms, which cannot be perceived through headphones. Various suppliers, including InEar and Mipro, will present their integrated solutions for the future of sound technology.

Advantages of Silent Stage

The focus of "Silent Stage" is on minimising the noise level on stage. This effect is achieved by using amp simulations, isolation boxes, drum cages and electronic musical instruments. The concept also works without monitoring speakers. The stage performers hear each other exclusively through in-ears and an individually adapted headphone mix.

Properly implemented, the visitor experiences in this way almost a sound experience like that of studio recordings.

Performance + Production Hub

a girls at the Performance + Production Hub area of Prolight + Sound

In cooperation with the Sample Music Festival and the association PRO MUSIK - Verband freier Musikschaffender e.V.

The area offers creative input on the use of innovative sound tools. It bundles product presentations, demos, live performances and workshops with artists and experts from well-known brands - plus impressive live visual showcases. The new „Performance + Production Hub“ additionally expands the offer to include forward-looking topics such as live remixing and looping, controllerism as well as the latest software and apps and shows the future of digital sound creation. At the centre of the concept is the combination of product experience, knowledge transfer and entertainment. In an elaborately designed 300 sqm area in the Portalhaus (VIA level), top brands will present their innovations in areas such as mixers and controllers, digital audio workstations, samplers and sequencers, synthesizers, groove boxes and effects units as well as mobile DJ equipment.

Education! Education Education!


In a variety of workshops, experts will share their skills with you in live remixing and looping, controllerism, music production, syntablism and beatmaking. Together with the Raycademy, one of the most renowned DJ schools in Europe, the Performance + Production Hub presents exclusive training sessions with multiple DJ champ Ray-D.

In the Music Production Corner, Ableton-certified educators will give an insight into the creative power that arises when software tools meet midi controllers and beat sequencers and production merges with live performance. There will also be specialised education stations on topics such as field recording, motion sensors and live sound branding.

Other partners in the education area include the German Pop Academy and the DJ Talks and DJ City communities for networking and exciting content.

Showcases from international artists and special events

Renowned performers will give an insight into their skills on the Show Stage of the Performance + Production Hub. Among others, ARKAEI (Poland), 69 Beats (Poland), Tony Beatbutcher (Belgium), 2Tronics (Berlin) and Soundadd (Berlin) will be part of the show.

On the evening of the 26. April, a Beat Making Competition will take place in the area, followed by a networking event in a relaxed atmosphere.

On the 27 April, after the fair closes, all visitors are invited to the official evening event of the Performance + Production Hub at the Radisson Blu Hotel Frankfurt.

Guitar player at Prolight + Sound

You can experience the extraordinary importance of musical performances and productions for the entire event industry even more than ever before. The PRO MUSIK - Verband freier Musikschaffender e.V. association is supplementing Performance + Production with a new event stage in the area.

There you can talk to professional musicians and watch live showcases, interviews and lectures on music production and careers in the music business. This will create an unprecedented communicative interface between music makers and technical service providers. In addition, the topics of acoustic music, band performances and the symbiosis of analogue and digital sound worlds, which are important for many music makers, can be experienced.

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Vintage Concert Audio Show


The special show "Vintage Concert Audio Show" presents more than 200 exhibits from the concert audio history of the last 50 years. You can see what the world looked like before line arrays and digital consoles as well as admire milestones of concert audio history. The organisers have gathered exhibits from all over Europe. Everything from the first WEM, Vox and Marshall vocal systems to Martin Modular, Meyer MSL3, Clairbrothers S4 and the first L'Acoustics line array will be on display, providing a perfect contract to the latest audio trends in the halls.

The Vintage Concert Audio Show not only shows how the world of PA systems has looked and sounded over the last 60 years. People from the business will also tell how it all began, what it was like in the past and why they are still involved today. Entertaining discussions (in German) with interesting personalities from the business are expected.

Location: Audio Hall 11.0

Immersive Sound Experience

Logo Sonic Lounge by Meyer Sound
Sonic Lounge by Meyer Sound

Meyer Sound offers you an impressive immersive sound experience in the Sonic Lounge, a dedicated demo room in the Portalhaus, Via level, as well as many product innovations that can be experienced up close.

For example, the new PANTHER line array loudspeaker system will be presented, as well as the new 2100-LFC low-frequency control element. PANTHER offers solutions for the many new requirements of large tours and fixed installations. The 2100-LFC is a new powerful subwoofer that extends PANTHER's technology to the lowest audible frequencies. Furthermore, you can inform yourself about Milan-certified products and experience the Spatial Sound Design and Mixing Tool Spacemap Go live in demos.

In addition, the new software platform Nebra will be presented at a special Tech Bar.

The demo times are from Tuesday to Thursday, at 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm, and on Friday at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm.