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Studio microphones

Prolight + Sound themes & product groups

Get an overview of the product groups of Prolight + Sound here.


Lighting technology at Prolight + Sound

ProLight is the first port of call for visitors interested in professional lighting technology. In addition to lighting technology, projectors, spotlights and lighting-control systems, the hall is the setting for spectacular laser and stage effects in action. The complementary programme of events at Prolight + Sound offers insights into trending subjects, such as intelligent light controls, digital transmission protocols, pixel and voxel mapping and energy-efficient lighting.

ProLight product groups

  • Lighting technology
  • Spotlights and projectors
  • Multifunctional spotlights, lighting effects and mood lighting
  • Lighting controls
  • Ceiling rail systems
  • Laser technology and effects
  • Specific accessories for lighting technology
  • Trade media
  • Associations and institutions


Stage technology at Prolight + Sound

Outstanding stage productions involve all technical trades of the live entertainment industry. Key players in the fields of stage machinery, stage control,  stage automation and  stage equipment will be presenting their products, as well as companies in the lighting and sound segment offering specialised theatre solutions.  

ProStage product groups

  • Stage technology
  • Stages
  • Floors
  • Truss systems / motors
  • Specific accessories for stage technology
  • Trade media
  • Associations and institutions


Loudspeakers at Prolight + Sound

Prolight + Sound visitors have the opportunity to experience the entire product world around professional audio technology. The focus here is on live and concert sound systems, fixed installations and studio and broadcast solutions. At the outdoor area, companies will be demonstrating their PA systems under real-life conditions. In addition, there will be an extensive programme of events focusing on future-oriented topics such as IP-based transmission technology and immersive audio applications.

ProAudio product groups

  • ound equipment
  • Microphones and accessories
  • Amplifiers, mixing desks and effects
  • Recording and reproduction equipment
  • Recording, accessories
  • Computer and multimedia
  • Conference and communication technology
  • PA equipment
  • Loudspeakers and headphones
  • Building and room acoustics
  • Specific accessories for sound and PA equipment
  • Trade media
  • Associations and institutions


Multifunction Panel at Prolight + Sound

Prolight + Sound reflects trends such as AVoIP, digital audio networking, on-demand infrastructures, remote production, device-independent workflows, smart signage and virtual and augmented reality. The event also reflects the growing demand for permanently installed, interoperable systems in event locations, worlds of experience and production studios.

Location operators and event service providers, as well as the specialist trade and rental of lighting, audio and media technology, architects, engineers, event technicians and professionals from radio, film and television will find a wide range of products here.

ProAV product groups

  • Projection and display technology
  • Media controls and networks
  • Camera
  • Camera technology
  • Film- and video technology
  • Specific accessories for media technology
  • Trade media
  • Associations and institutions
  • Conference technology
  • Digital Signage technology
  • AV over IP
  • Virtual Reality
  • AI + Internet of things technology
  • Cloud based solutions technology
  • Interactive displays
  • UHD displays
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • LED Displays
  • Media server
  • Projection Software- Mapping


burning heart on stage as a show at Prolight + Sound

At Prolight + Sound, event managers will find everything they need to create spectacular events - from innovative event technologies and spectacular effects to onsite attractions, mobile marquee systems and software solutions for event organisers. In addition to traditional event technologies, this includes specialist software solutions and services for event organisers, furnishings, decoration and facilities, transport solutions and much more. Prolight + Sound also offers wide-ranging know-how around event safety and security as well as valuable ideas for  successful corporate events, green events, digitalisation in the event industry and business developments after the corona crisis.

ProEvent product groups

  • Security technology
  • Audible signal (warning) devices
  • Emergency lighting
  • CCTV
  • Security (general)
  • Equipment and infrastructure
  • Art department
  • Infrastructure / furnishings
  • General service provider
  • Event service provider
  • Event service planer
  • Event service provider
  • Basic and further education provider
  • Trade media
  • Associations and institutions