Prolight + Sound Tickets

Book your Prolight + Sound ticket online now or redeem your voucher code for an admission ticket. Including environmentally friendly and free travel to and from the event by public transport.


Indoor signage & advertising stickers

Indoor signage

Advertising banners

Advertising banners at the fairground

Place your ad where everyone will see it in passing: attract attention to your company by advertising at strategic locations on the Frankfurt exhibition grounds with banners at key intersections, alongside hall entrances and above the escalators.

Advertising walls

Advertising wall

Striking and impossible to overlook: our mobile advertising walls along the walkways are real eye-catchers.

Advertising stickers

Advertising on the escalators and moving walkways

Advertising on an escalator at Messe Frankfurt

Guide your customers to your stand: on the balustrade panels of the escalators and mobile walkways, your advertisements are perfectly placed to entertain and inform the stream of visitors.

Mirror stickers

Mirror advertising at the trade fair

See and be seen: place your advertising on the mirrors of the washrooms in the halls and retain the attention of your customers.

Floor stickers

Floor stickers at the trade fair

With every step: floor stickers and graphics are eye-catching signposts that lead trade fair visitors directly to your stand.


Do you have any questions? We will be happy to advise you as to which advertising are best suited to you.