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13 - 16 April 2021 Frankfurt am Main Information now

Halle 8.0

The PROAudio segment is being given a central presentation platform at Prolight + Sound in Hall 8.0. Get practical expert knowledge about mixing, micing and mastering.

Additionally there is a new lecture series on the new Center Stage about sustainability and youth development. Here you can find all events from the segment ProAudio.

NEW: Audio + Event Stage

In Hall 8.0 the focus lies on future-oriented audio and PA solutions. Moreover, the stage has room for interdisciplinary themes, such as green events, helping young people and event security.



New in the PROAudio Hall 8.0: The "Studio Village" with lots of brands from the studio recording, sound design and professional audio branche. Find there e.g. Erwin Strich, Barefoot Sound, Avantone Pro, Towersonic, API Automated Processes, BAE Audio, KMR Audio, Dutch & Dutch, Amphion Loudspeakers ltd., Trinnov Audio, MAAG and more to come.

ProAudio Logo

Visitors to Prolight + Sound have the opportunity to experience the entire product world around professional audio technology. The focus here is on live and concert sound systems, fixed installations and studio and broadcast solutions. At the outdoor area, companies will be demonstrating their PA systems under real-life conditions. In addition, there will be an extensive programme of events focusing on future-oriented topics such as IP-based transmission technology and immersive audio applications.

Sound & Recording Lounge

Chris Liebing in the Sound & Recording Lounge at Prolight + Sound
Chris Liebing in the Sound & Recording Lounge

At the `Studio Scene` community stand, you can exchange ideas and information with internationally successful producers, engineers and artists, take part in practice-oriented workshops and presentations, and expand your network. Additionally, you will find exciting new products by exhibitors from the `Studio, DJ & Recording` sector and a café for discussions about recording subjects in the Sound & Recording Lounge.

The speakers will include producer Konstantin Kersting (Tones And I), sound & recording author Waldemar Vogel (Max Giesinger, Stefanie Heinzmann, Jupiter Jones, Roger Cicero, Helene Fischer) and other professionals.

Additionally, exhibitors with exhibition stands positioned around the Studio Scene will use our workshop space to present their products and innovations. The official exhibitors of Studio Scene 2020 include Telefunken, MOTU, TubeTech, Finale, Manley, Royer, Drawmer, Vovox and Chandler.

Vintage Concert Audio Show

young man at the exhibition show "Vintage Concert Audio Show"

The Vintage Concert Audio Show presents over 200 exhibits, among them all milestones of the Concert-Audio history of the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Visitors can see how the world looked like before LineArrays and digital desks. Technicians and engineers get their hands back on their "toys" from before the 2000s era.

ISDV - The Professional Association of Self-employed Service Providers in the Entertainment Industry - and VCA – The Vintage Concert Audio Show & Experience - have partnered for a joint-forces booth.

The exhibits have been collected in the deepest cellars and from the farthest warehouse corners in Europe to bring them together in Frankfurt. Everything, from the first WEM, Vox and Marshall PA-systems to Martin Modular, Meyer MSL3, Clairbrothers S4 to the first L'Acoustics line array, will be represented. And in many parts even audible: every day a decade-bound audio panel will be taking place. Sound engineers of the respective time will tell you their story, will philosophize about the technology and, of course, answer the questions of the booth visitors.

The ISDV will be organizing panels with daily changing content and discussion partners from politics, science and industry on topics of "labour and social affairs". Daily rates will be discussed as well as false-self-employment or the future of our industry.

Audio Maker Square

Audio Makers Square

The Audio Maker Square (Hall 8.0) is a special area for the international DIY community. There, you will find everything for building audio equipment themselves and can take part in audio-builder workshops. The area is being organised by MakeProAudio GmbH and other partners.

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