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At Prolight + Sound in Hall 12.0, ETC and High End Systems will be presenting their current portfolio at four stands including some new products. We interviewed Rosi Marx, European Marketing Manager at ETC GmbH, about their appearance at the fair – and how the company uses the fair as an entertainment and information platform.

Interview with Rosi Marx, European Marketing Manager at ETC GmbH

How will ETC and its sister brand High End Systems present themselves at Prolight + Sound?

ETC and High End Systems will be exhibiting side by side this year in the new Hall 12 on the upper floor, at stands B40/B41/B46/B47. For both brands we have prepared exciting and informative presentations, which take place once an hour. I can promise that much: There is a lot to marvel at.

Which products/product groups will be the focus of this year's fair?

As in the past, these are LED-based spotlights, which correspond to our core business. For High End Systems we will show the complete Sola series, at ETC the automated spotlight Relevé will take a central place at our trade fair appearance. On the subject of control, we will present revolutionary new concepts which, as already mentioned, will be presented in hourly demos on a stage and will then of course be available for hands-on demos. Our stand visitors will experience our new products in action and be able to test them themselves – and thus get a comprehensive impression of them.

In recent years, ETC/High End Systems has offered some spectacular stand installations: Are these just visual effects designed to attract the audience – or are they necessary for product demonstrations?

Of course, spectacular presentations should attract visitors, but that's not our primary concern. In these presentations we show what you can do with these products, what they are capable of. For example, you have to see TurboRay from High End Systems in a show with fog, otherwise you can't understand all the Arial effects.

This year the Hog Factor Final will take place at Prolight + Sound. What is there to see – and: is this only interesting for participants from the lighting industry?

Hog Factor is a competition for students and young professionals. Three teams who have won the preliminary round will program a light show into a song and present it live at the High End Systems stand on Wednesday at 5 pm. A jury, including international lighting designers, will select the winner. The show is by no means only recommended for participants from the lighting industry. Because this is a spectacular live show with cool lighting design. Musicians, for example, can find inspiration for what their next concert could look like.

On 4 April, the "Student Session" contested by ETC will take place at Prolight + Sound (Hall 4, Level C, Room "Entente"). Who is this seminar intended for - and what will it teach?

Pupils and students can learn more about ETC and High End Systems and ask questions directly to ETC staff. The interesting thing is that these are representatives of the various departments - for example R&D, Product Management, etc. – and that the employees are real high-calibre professionals. In other words, vice presidents or very experienced colleagues.

What are you personally looking forward to at Prolight + Sound?

I'm really looking forward to the new Hall 12. I'm curious to see how the streams of visitors will work and I'm delighted that we'll all have stands in the same hall – and not in two different ones, like last year – and of course I'm looking forward to many interested customers and visitors to whom we'll be able to show our latest developments. 

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