Manufacturers Forum 04

Prolight + Sound Conference

The VPLT conference program for the Prolight + Sound 2019 reflects the focal points of important topics in the industry for entertainment technology: education and training, standardization and legal requirements as well as event safety and security.

The former “Basic” and “Advanced” programs have been consolidated into a single conference. A special theme this year is the Erasmus + project “LAAR” with presentations by Fridolin Wild, Oxford Brookes University, and Oliver Müller, IT University Copenhagen. The project aims to provide learning tools for vocational education and learning in the form of augmented reality (AR) applications used in training and assessment. The technology can be tried on-site during the fair (VPLT: Hall 4.1 - A.15).

Other topics include the new examination regulations for the master event technician (Meister für Veranstaltungstechnik) from 2020, as well as the challenges of training and further education in times of a shortage of skilled workers. Both the current state of work in European standardization: CEN/TC 433 - Entertainment Technology and the current topics in the DIN Standardization Committees NVBF (event technology, image and film) as well as DIN 15700 will be presented. The VBG, DGUV and Unfallkasse NRW are represented in the program with important contributions, such as the new IGVW quality standard SQ02 - the due diligence in regard to choosing rigging, testing of electrical systems and the VPLT-VBG Fasi-Network. The new igvw SQP2 Electric Chain Hoists will also be presented.

Manufacturers and service providors can learn about the EU Ecodesign-Regulations that will apply from 1st September 2021. The universities HAW, THM and Beuth will participate in the conference program as in recent years. There are also seminars on temporary structures, holograms and the organization of Health & Safety at events. The following speakers, amongst others, will be a part of the Prolight + Sound Conference in 2019:

  • Andreas Bickel, Gerriets, CEN/TC 433, BRD
  • Benny Bernschutz, THM – Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen, BRD
  • Christian Allabauer, OETHG, Österreich
  • Dietmar Rottinghaus, connex, BRD
  • Johannes Heinz, VBG, BRD
  • Laura van Haperen, Showtex, Belgien
  • Matthias Gasch, Crossed Disciplines Ing.-Büro Jens Labuschewski, BRD
  • Matthias Möller, Prolyte (IGVW), Niederlande
  • Michael Bahr, DIN, BRD
  • Oliver Müller, IT University Copenhagen, Dänemark
  • Peter Sommerauer, i-smARt, Lichtenstein
  • Ralf Stroetmann, b-safe, BRD
  • Sven Kubin, VBG, BRD
  • Prof. Thomas Sakschewski, Beuth Hochschule, BRD
  • Tommy Neumann, VPLT, BRD
  • Uwe Runtemund, Ingenieurbüro Runtemund, BRD
  • Volker Ruf, Neumann & Müller, BRD


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