Vintage Concert Audio Show

The Vintage Concert Audio Show presents over 200 exhibits, among them all milestones of the Concert-Audio history of the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Visitors can see how the world looked like before LineArrays and digital desks. Technicians and engineers get their hands back on their "toys" from before the 2000s era.

ISDV - The Professional Association of Self-employed Service Providers in the Entertainment Industry - and VCA – The Vintage Concert Audio Show & Experience - have partnered for a joint-forces booth.

The exhibits have been collected in the deepest cellars and from the farthest warehouse corners in Europe to bring them together in Frankfurt. Everything, from the first WEM, Vox and Marshall PA-systems to Martin Modular, Meyer MSL3, Clairbrothers S4 to the first L'Acoustics line array, will be represented. And in many parts even audible: every day a decade-bound audio panel will be taking place. Sound engineers of the respective time will tell you their story, will philosophize about the technology and, of course, answer the questions of the booth visitors.

The ISDV will be organizing panels with daily changing content and discussion partners from politics, science and industry on topics of "labour and social affairs". Daily rates will be discussed as well as false-self-employment or the future of our industry.

Each night, a get-together will be taking place, where the VCA presents an original set-up of a contemporary PA to invite you to listen and try out. You can experience live recordings from tape recorder, vinyl and compact cassette.

The Vintage Concert Audio Show booth is placed in Forum Level 0.

ISDV-Events togehter with Vintage Concert Audio Show
Daily Panels at 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Vintage Concert Audio Show
Each 5 p.m. Listening Session, Hang around bis 8 p.m.
Termin Thema
60´s and 70´s
Speaker: Jenny
Achim Schulze (Scorpions)
Jozsef Palfi (Omega)
Ole Mosbaek (dän. FOH)
Rainer Zosel (Promoter Z-Concepts)
03.04.19 80´s
Speaker: Jenny
Wolfgang Neumann (Schabbach Enterp.)
Jürgen Desch (Desch Audio)
Andreas Furtner (Falco)
Roger Wagner (Sascha, Söhne Mannheims)
Jon Caffery (Police)
04.04.19 90´s
Speaker: Jenny
Oliver Voges (ESC, Echo)
Hans-Martin Buff (Prince)
Michael Baur (Rammstein)
Patrick Eckerlin (PUR)
Mikko Salonen (Sunrise Avenue)
05.04.19 Producer
Speaker: Jenny
Toni Andrews (Function One)
Sharif el Babari (L’Acoustics)
David Webster (Coda)
Michael Staats (GAE)
David Scheirman (Bose)
06.04.19 Listening to the old times, Recording
Ulli Schiller (Abbey Road Academy)  
Dennis Poschwatta (Guano Apes)  
Hartmut Pfannenmüller (Boney M)  
Wolfgang Neumann  
Jürgen Desch
Thomas Spanier

Hall 4.1 Speaker´s Podium 11:00 h – 12:00 h

False self-employment – system and development
"False self-employment is a constant threat to clients in the event industry. Dr Christian Worms (Brandi lawyers) and Merten Wagnitz (ISDV Board) explain what false self-employment is about, how to deal with it and show developments on this issue in the case law. "

ISDV Panels from 14.00 hrs to 15.30 hrs
Date Topic
Panel discussion: ‘Social significance of the event business’
The mayor of the city of Mannheim, Dr Peter Kurz, talks about his experience with Mannheim´s urban creative industries. It will be examined how creative industries can affect the urban structure.
Guests: Dr Peter Kurz (Mayor of the City of Mannheim, SPD)
03.04.19 Panel discussion: ‘The sociological structure of a sector. Why are things as they are.’
Self-exploiting yet still enjoying the job? How does it fit together? We look at our industry through the lens of science and try to find answers to the only one, the big question of all questions: Why are things in our industry as they are?
Guests: Dr Christiane Schnell (Sociologist, ISF Frankfurt), Jenny Pohl (Sociologist M.A.), Lisa Basten (Sociologist, WZB), Susanne Fritzsch (Master of Event Technology)
04.04.19 Panel discussion: ‘The consequences of Brexit for the event industry?’
The Brexit is just completed or maybe not. We want to show the impact of Brexit on our industry and touring.
Guests: Dr Thorsten Lieb, Commissioner for Europe for the Free Democratic Party (FDP)
05.04.19 Panel discussion: ‘IGVW Forum: How do we deal with our staff in the future? - Qualifications and laws.’
The newly founded IGVW e.V. forms a platform on which all event industry associations can discuss all topics. This forum sheds light on the personnel situation in our industry. Self-employed, temporary workers or salaried employees: radical changes are taking place in our industry and we must talk about how things can proceed.
Guests: Wesko Rohde (IGVW President), Karsten Schölermann LiveKomm, Susanne Fritzsch (ISDV), Marc Lemgen (Stage Service Frankfurt GmbH)
06.04.19 Musikmesse open day
Discussion: ‘A Life on the road - touring over the decades’
Touring-stories of world-experienced musicians. How was the touring back then? How does it work today?
Guests: Pete Sage (Santiano), Rick Stedler (Leichtmatrosen/Ex-Scooter) and more

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