Sample Music Festival
31 March – 3 April 2020 Frankfurt am Main Tickets & Registration

Sample Music Festival

The Sample Music Festival now has its own area in the Foyer of Hall 4.0 at Musikmesse / Prolight + Sound. There, you can immerse yourself in the various aspects of DJ culture daily.  

The primary aim of the Sample Music Festival is not to present equipment but rather to encourage active visitor participation. Away from the competition between the individual brands, combining different items of equipment leads to exciting applications – active and practical. Naturally, networking is also on the programme and you can also follow everything on social media, as well as discover how the content spreads there. Product experts from companies such as Ambleton, Stanton and Native Instruments will pass on their specialist knowledge, lead the discussions, answer questions and exchange ideas and information.


  • Workshops & Showcase on subjects such as DJing (EDM, club, hip hop, electronic music), finger drumming, controllerism, turntablism and music apps
  • Jam & Hands On Situations with expert leaders and using the latest music technology

10 artists will be giving demonstrations of their skills – all are well-known names from the DJing, turntablism and controllerism scene and product specialists for the sector’s top brands.

  Showcase Jam Box Artist/Presenter Equipment
10:00 am        
10:30 am
Turntablism (S-Trix)   S-Trix    Serato Vestax, RANE 72
11:00 am
Live Beats Live Beats (Kelle 3000bpm) Kelle 3000bpm Korg Drumcomputer
11:30 am
Finger Drumming (Clockwerk)   Clockwerk Ableton Push2, AKAI MPC Live
12:00 noon
Live Looping Live Looping (Jay De Large) Jay De Large Ableton, Behringer, AKAI MPD
12:30 pm
DJing & Controllerism (Tonspielzeug)   Tonspielzeug TRAKTOR 3, Kontrol S4 MK3, Maschine Jam, Maschine MK3,
1:00 pm Live Drumming Live Drumming (Jay De Large) Jay De Large Drum Set
1:30 pm Gear.Porn live   Arkaei Allen & Heath Xone:96, Traktor, Ableton, Push 2,
Maschine 3, Resolume, Z Vector, Notch
2:00 pm Advanced DJing Q&A Advanced DJing Q&A (Alex Sonnenfeld) Alex Sonnenfeld Kontrol S4 MK 3, TRAKTOR 3
2:30 pm Syntablism (Sir-Cut)   Sir-Cut (diverse)
3:00 pm Beat Making Q&A Beat Making Q&A (Tim Kroker) Tim Kroker Maschine MK3
3:30 pm Finger Drumming (Beat Matazz)   Beat Matazz AKAI MPC
4:00 pm Finger Drumming Finger Drumming (Clockwerk) Clockwerk Ableton Push2, AKAI MPC Live
4:30 pm Turntablism (S-Trix)   S-Trix Serato, Vestax, RANE 72
5:00 pm Touch Screen App Touch Screen App (Playground) Playground Playground Touch Screen
5:30 pm DJing & Controllerism (Tonspielzeug)   Tonspielzeug TRAKTOR 3, Kontrol S4 MK3,
Maschine Jam, Maschine MK3,
5:30 pm End End End End

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