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This has been the topics of the first Prolight + Sound BIZLounge

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As Prolight + Sound 2021 could not take place due to the current developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, we offer our customers a new digital format to bridge the waiting time until the next Prolight + Sound.

We like to thank all participants, cooperation partners and supporters as well as our international audience for an interesting exchange on subjects that move the event sector.

We are looking forward to welcome you again to the next Prolight + Sound BIZLounge, 14. June 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely devasted the live event industry. What solutions and recommendations are the best to “restart” the sector? What do we need to do to make sure visitors are safe while enabling economically viable events to take place? Why are so many experts convinced that a stringent testing strategy, supported by the industry, is a part of the solution? The roundtable will present solutions and discuss the complicated safety, political, and social aspects of confronting a worldwide pandemic regulated on a local basis – with a look across a European border to our neighbours in the Netherlands.


Marten Pauls, Infection Protection and Hygiene Commissioner, BDKV – Federal Association of the Concert and Event Industry
Timo Feuerbach, Managing Director, EVVC – European Association of Event Centres
Merten Wagnitz, Treasurer, i.s.d.v. – Community of Interest for Self-Employed Service Providers in the Event Industry
Betty Heywood, Director of International Affairs, NAMM – National Association of Music Merchants
Sven Hansen, 1. Vice Chairman, BVVS – Federal Association for Event Safety
Eric Kant, Owner of Phase 01 Crowd Management

10:35 – 10:50 Q&A

Despite efforts of the associations and stakeholders in the United Kingdom and in the European Union, “Brexit” took place without any special consideration of the necessary requirements for the event industry.

What changes does the “Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community, of the one part, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, of the other part” bring to manufacturers and technical service providers working in our sector?

The presentation will cover new regulations and guidelines on trading and doing business with the United Kingdom and Great Britain (yes: there is a difference there…). Peter Heath from PLASA will provide a look at what topics for our industry are up front on the other side of the channel while Anita Debaere reports from Brussels.


Randell Greenlee, Director of Commerce and International Affairs – The German Entertainment Technology Association
Anita Debaere, Director – PEARLE – Live Performance Europe
Peter Heath, Managing Director – PLASA – The Professional Lighting and Sound Association

11:35 – 11:50 Q&A

Sustainability has been an important attender for a long time – no matter in privat environment or in business context. Currently all of us experienced the overstimmulation ofevents so that we are going to discuss, how the meaning and alignment of sustainability will change for the events industry and the way we network in the future. Will the change concern every part of sustainability – economic, ecologic and social sustainability? Above all, which consequences will this changes have for the European events industry and the networking activities in general?

Prof. Große Ophoff (EVVC Management Board Member (CSR) / Head of department (DBU Center for Environmental Communication))
Ruth Jakobi (Secretary General, European Music Council)
Stephanie Mathas (CSR Manager at RAI Amsterdam and Chair of the UFI Sustainable Development Working Group)

12:35 – 12:50 Q&A

The implementation of the last Ecodesign Directive proved to be a wake-up call for the event and live performance industry. The European Union’s legislation regarding energy consumption and reduction of hazardous materials has a direct effect on which lamps and therefore luminaires we are allowed to use. What are the current and future issues that international associations are currently working on and what are we trying to achieve? Christian Allabauer is a key member of the European Ecodesign Coalition Team that advocates the requirements for our sector in the consultation. He will give a presentation on the current status and upcoming considerations.

Christian Allabauer – OETHG – The Austrian Theatre Engineering Association


Hans-Joachim Rau – DTHG – The German Technical Theatre Society

13:35 – 13:50 Q&A

The crisis has brought a great deal of uncertainty in regard to careers in the event industry. Young people are reconsidering pursuing degrees in a sector that appears to have either disappeared or will probably soon go completely “digital”. How are the leading universities in Germany responding to the current challenges and are they adapting to students and industry expectations? Will Life-Long-Learning and Micro-Credentials become a new business model for institutions of higher education? Three university representatives are on hand to discuss these topics and to take a look at the future of academia in the event industry with a representative from an industry association.

Prof. Dr. Arno Gramatke – TH Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences, Giessen
Prof. Dr. Roland Greule – HAW - Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Thomas Sakschewski – Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin
Randell Greenlee, Director of Commerce and International Affairs – The German Entertainment Technology Association

14:35 – 14:50 Q&A

  • Winner Project „Opus – German Stage Award“: Rigoletto, Seebühne Bregenz
  • Winner Project „Sinus – Systems Integration Award“: Osram World of Lights

Participants Opus Award:

  • Bregenzer Festspiele GmbH
  • Wolfgang Urstadt - Technischer Director,Vertreter als Kopf für das Technische Team
  • Philipp Stölzl  - Regisseur und Bühnenbildner
  • Michael Csar - künstlerischer Betriebsdirektor, Artist Producer

Participants Sinus Award:

  • Martin Schniz techniz - Ingenieurbüro für Medientechnik Martin Schniz
  • Kurt Ranger - Ranger Design
  • Mark Zwerner  - OSRAM Licht AG Mark Zwerner
  • Florian Zach  - 3lpi lichtplaner + beratende ingenieure partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbb seidt wambsganß zach zauner"
  • Rico Weber - SALZBRENNER media GmbH
  • Michael Boy  - livebau solutions GmbH
  • Andreas Schindler  - Schindler Lichtdesign

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