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Prolight + Sound BIZLounge

Together with associations, manufacturers, venue operators and other industry experts, Prolight + Sound presents an audio-visual news format that highlights current burning issues and presents innovations in the entertainment technology industry.

That was the Prolight + Sound BIZLounge on 14 June 2021


  • Presentation & Panel Discussion: Prolight + Sound 2022 and Sustainable Events
  • Video Presentation: Robe - 'Additive vs subtractive coulour mixing in stage lighting – advantages and disadvantages of each and Robe lighting’s approaches to optimize them' – Time: 25.45
  • Video Presentation: ETC - 'Introduction to the Advanced Research Group' – Time: 44:29
  • Round Table: 'Theatre Lighting Technology' – Time: 57:34
  • Video Presentation: HOF – 'Project Flying Stage' – Time 1:45:18
  • Video Presentation: Vectorworks - 'Data Tag tips and tricks'  - Time: 1:50:11
  • Round Table: Manufactures about Industry Trends and Challenges in the Industry – Time 02:06:01
  • Video Presentation: ETC - 'SolaFrame Studio – a fanless moving light' – Time 02:37:57
  • Video Presentation: ROBE - 'Noise levels of LED moving lights – how to measure it and pros/cons of different cooling concepts'  - Time 02:42:18
  • Video Presentation: Misto Art - 'Birth story of theater production planning software' – Time 02:56:59

The topics of Prolight + Sound BIZLounge

Initial programme plans for Prolight + Sound 2022

After a long lean spell in the event business, Prolight + Sound aims to make its contribution to an economic upswing in the industry. At the same time, the trade fair supports the sector’s commitment to a responsible use of natural resources and, in connection with this, is introducing a new on-side format for the 2022 event. Together with partners, director Mira Wölfel will explain the plans during a panel discussion.


  • Mira Wölfel, Director Prolight + Sound
  • Timo Feuerbach, CEO EVVC
  • Tobias Berghaus, CEO L&S GmbH

Presentation and round table discussions on theatre-lighting trends

While the first signs of recovery in the crisis-torn theatre industry can be seen on the horizon, the pressure for modernisation continues to be a challenge for both private and public companies. Technical innovations have continuously driven up the expectations of visitors and professionals – and this is coupled with a growing awareness of the need for ecological compatibility. In a lecture, lighting specialist Herbert Bernstädt (Adam Hall Group) presents the latest trends and ideas in the theatre segment – which will be followed by a discussion with other experts from the business.


  • Herbert Bernstädt, lighting specialist, Adam Hall Group
  • Randell Greenlee, Business & International Affairs, VPLT
  • Olaf Winter, Lighting designer and Technical Director, Oper Frankfurt

Round table discussions on trends and the challenges facing manufacturers

The pandemic and its impact still constitute a major burden for companies in the field of event technology. The manufacturers have developed a variety of strategies for dealing with the crisis and are getting ready for a high level of demand for events in the post-corona era.


  • Michael Herweg, CEO, SGM Deutschland
  • Björn Heinzmann, CEO, H.O.F. Alutec
  • Michael Schwabe, CEO, Artthea Bühnentechnik
  • Dieter Klein, CEO, KS Audio

Digital Manufacturers` Forum

Audio-visual showroom for technological trends. In video presentations, renowned brands present their innovative solutions. The focus is not on sales-oriented product shows but on user-related introductions to new event-production opportunities.


  • Computerworks: Data Tag tips and tricks
  • ETC: Fan-free moving lights – SolaFram Studio
  • ETC: The Advanced Research Group of ETC
  • HOF Alutec: The Flying Stage Project
  • Robe: Noise levels of LED moving lights – how to measure it and pros/cons of different cooling concepts
  • Robe: Additive vs subtractive colour mixing in stage lighting – advantages and disadvantages of each and Robe lighting’s approaches to optimize them

This was the first edition of Prolight + Sound BIZLounge, 13 April 2021, summarised in 25 minutes