Speakers of the Prolight + Sound BIZLounge

10:00 Restart: Current Prospects for the Event Industry

Marten Pauls, Infection Protection and Hygiene Commissioner, BDKV – Federal Association of the Concert and Event Industry

Marten Pauls

Marten Pauls is founder and MD of campo – event engineering, a production company specialized in en-abling and licensing of large scale outdoor events such as the largest German festival Rock am Ring, among others.

He serves the industry across Europe since the mid 90s in various roles such as site scout, production manager, infrastructure planner, security planner, and crowdmanagement expert and has extended his view in recent years to lecturing activities and consultancy mandates.

Marten has been appointed by German BDKV as infection safety and hygiene commissary and has been sent to Music Industry Forum to help with the setup of “Manifest Restart”, which includes an ‘approval matrix’ to help organisers and authorities determine in which risk levels, under which general and spe-cial measures of infection protection and hygiene, and with which capacities events could be permitted again.

Timo Feuerbach, Managing Director, EVVC – European Association of Event Centres

Timo Feuerbac

Timo Feuerbach has been managing director of the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC) since January 2019. Previously, he served as managing director of the German Federal Working Group Heavy Haulage and Crane Work e.V. (BSK) and was responsible for sales, political interest representation and public relations. Prior to that, he spent ten years at the German Engineering Federation e.V. (VDMA), where he was responsible for technology and research and initiated and implemented numerous pre-competitive joint projects with industry and science. In addition, he has organized trade fair participations in Germany and abroad and provided sales support worldwide. The EVVC’s managing director studied civil engineering and engineering management in Frankfurt/Main and Cork, Ireland. He is married, has two children and enjoys spending his free time doing sports in addition to his family.

Merten Wagnitz, Treasurer, i.s.d.v. – Community of Interest for Self-Employed Service Providers in the Event Industry

Merten Wagnitz

Merten Wagnitz has been working in the event industry for 30 years. The master craftsman for event technology runs a technical planning office in Hamburg and is a founding and board member of ISDV, the Interessengemeinschaft der selbständigen DienstleisterInnen in der Veranstaltungswirtschaft e.V..He is a member of the Quality Standards Committee of the IGVW.In the Restart working group of the Forum Veranstaltungswirtschaft, he works with other experts on opening concepts for the event industry.

Betty Heywood, Director of International Affairs, NAMM – National Association of Music Merchants

Betty Heywood

After receiving a MA in Chinese Studies from the University of Hamburg, Betty Heywood has lived and worked in Hong Kong, Shanghai, London and San Diego County in Southern California. After “running away with the circus” to work with Andre Heller’s Chinese National Circus in the eighties, she relocated to Hong Kong and then to Shanghai where she helped launch the tradeshows, Music China and Prolight +Sound Shanghai for Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd. For the past 15 years she has served as the Director of International Affairs for NAMM, the international trade association for music products, pro audio and event technology sectors. At NAMM, in addition to NAMM Musikmesse Prolight + Sound Russia and she works on The NAMM show and with international members to support the organization’s vision of creating a more musical world.  She is based in Portsmouth, UK.

Sven Hansen, 1. Vice Chairman, BVVS – Federal Association for Event Safety

Sven Hansen

20 years of experience in the event sector: Starting with the technical implementation, 6 years as production manager of an action theatre with about 100 productions worldwide, 7 years as production manager for large-scale productions in the industrial sector. Since 2015 focus on the event safety sector with the foundation of Event Safety Consult, member of the advisory board of the German test association for event technology (DPVT), certifier of the DPVT and representative of the DPVT in the examination committee for the qualification of Technical specialist for event safety. Member of the the German Entertainment Technology Association (VPLT)

Eric Kant, Owner of Phase 01 Crowd Management

Eric Kant

Eric Kant specialises in managing crowds in confined spaces and crowded places. He has been doing this for years as an event specialist for the Dutch National Police. His company, ##Phase01, is a consultancy in crowd safety management. Eric has done consulting on a large range of events: from mass Christmas markets to dance events and from small fairs to festivals. In general, he specialises in emergency evac-uation preparedness and in particular, in influencing human behaviour in emergencies in order to im-prove speed and survival in emergency evacuations.  Eric holds a post graduate diploma in Crowd Safe-ty and Risk Analysis and is in the final months of the MSc Crowd Science course at the Manchester Met-ropolitan University. He is also an active member of the United Kingdom Crowd Management Association (UKCMA) and the U.S. Event Safety Alliance (ESA).

11:00 Brexit: What to know, what to do

Randell Greenlee, Director of Commerce and International Affairs – The German Entertainment Technology Association

Randell Greenlee

Randell Greenlee has been Director for Commerce and International Affairs at VPLT, the German Entertainment Technology Association, since 2014. Previously, he worked as a scene and lighting designer in professional theatres in the US and Europe before beginning a career as an international consultant for live events. He is a lecturer at the VPLT learning centre, DEAplus. He represents the VPLT through its membership in the World Entertainment Technology Federation as well as PEARLE*: Live-Performance Europe and the Event Safety Alliance.

Anita Debaere, Director – PEARLE – Live Performance Europe

Anita Debaere

Anita Debaere is Director of Pearle*-Live Performance Europe. This European sector federation counts, through its member associations, more than 10 000 organisations in the live performance sector across Europe. Pearle* is also recognised as European employers association, taking part in European sectoral social dialogue. Anita Debaere holds a master in Political and Social sciences and Communication Science from the University of Ghent (BE). She also holds a post-degree in Arts Management from the City University of London. Anita Debaere worked in the music sector and for an energy company, before joining Pearle*. Anita Debaere sits in different steering committees of European projects, she is regularly invited at conferences, stakeholder meetings, research and studies to give expert views on sectoral questions, in particular in relation to cultural mobility. Anita Debaere also volunteers on the board of a group of 11 primary and secondary schools.


Peter Heath, Managing Director – PLASA – The Professional Lighting and Sound Association

Peter Heath

Peter Heath is the Managing Director of PLASA (Professional Lighting and Sound Association) and a steering group member of #WeMakeEvents; a community of businesses and individuals representing the Live Events supply chain. #WeMakeEvents was founded in April 2020 following the forced cancellation of all events in the UK and around the world. Since then it has grown to become a community of 39 counties campaigning and lobbying Government for help for the hundreds of thousands that haven’t worked for over a year including raising thousands of pounds for industry charities.

Peter is a passionate representative of both organisations, previously having worked as an executive for a global music instrument manufacturer and being a very experienced musician himself, he looks forward to hopefully playing live to an audience again - an aspiration he shares with many others in the industry.

12:00 What is the European orientation of the sustainable events industry?

Prof. Große Ophoff (EVVC Management Board Member (CSR) / Head of department (DBU Center for Environmental Communication))

Prof. Große Opho

Markus Große Ophoff studied chemistry in Aachen and Bristol and worked for the Environmental Agency ind Berlin and German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt) in Osnabrück. Since 2001, he has been responsible for public relations at the Centre for Environmental Communication (Zentrum für Umweltkommunikation) in Osnabrück, Germany. He is Honorary Professor of Event Management and Sustainability Communication at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and a member of the board of the European Association of Event Centers for the area of sustainability.

Ruth Jakobi (Secretary General, European Music Council)

Ruth Jakobi

Ruth Jakobi studied Music, French and Education in Hamburg, Germany and Lyon, France. Since September 2003, Ruth has been employed as Secretary General of the European Music Council (EMC), currying out this function today in dual leadership with Simone Dudt. The European Music Council, regional group for Europe of the International Music Council, is the umbrella organisation for musical life in Europe. It acknowledges the significant role that music and culture play in the political and societal development of a peaceful and integrative Europe. Simone and Ruth are responsible for EMC’s strategic development, for advocacy work in cultural policy, as well as for the planning and implementation of international cooperation projects.
One of the most relevant advocacy tools coordinated by the EMC in cooperation with a huge number of stakeholders across the European Music Sector is the European Agenda for Music.
The Erasmus+ funded project SHIFT (, focusing on 3 out of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, is coordinated by the EMC and implemented in cooperation with 8 other cultural networks. The EMC is also active to help achieve a climate neutral world by mid-century.

Stephanie Mathas (CSR Manager at RAI Amsterdam and Chair of the UFI Sustainable Development Working Group)

Stephanie Mathas
  • Master Degree Business Administration (Specialized in Change Management & Leadership)
  • CSR & Sustainability Manager RAI Amsterdam 5+ years
  • Chair UFI Sustainable Development WG
  • Board member two local foundations

13:00 European Legislation: the Event Industry and the Future of Lighting

Christian Allabauer – OETHG – The Austrian Theatre Engineering Association

Christian Allabauer

Christian Allabauer gained expertise and competences in the field of stage lighting for 20+ years:

Project manager: new build and reconstruction stage lighting systems (national and CEE)

Product manager: for controls, dimming and networking

Lecturer, writer: sharing reports, trends and innovations with professional public in journals and lectures

System integrator: implementing and improving lighting and network systems

Since 2018 he is head of the lighting department @ OETHG (Austrian Theatre Engineering Association)

Hans-Joachim Rau – DTHG – The German Technical Theatre Society

Hans-Joachim Rau

Joachim (HaJo) Rau studied aerospace engineering as well as social geography, ecology, sociology, psychology, urban planning, regional planning and spatial planning at the Technical University of Munich. His first engagement as head of lighting followed in 1990 at the Theater am Turm in Frankfurt/Main. This was followed by jobs at the Nationaltheater Mannheim and Dortmund. In 1998, he was entrusted with the technical project management for the entire cultural and event programme for EXPO2000 in Hanover. This was followed by the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Volksoper Wien and Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus. A member of the DTHG since 1989, he was appointed to the professional association as a board member in 2017. Since 2013 he has also been a member of the extended board of the OETHG

14:00 No Future? Academic Education in Uncertain Times.

Prof. Dr. Arno Gramatke – TH Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences, Giessen

Prof. Dr. Arno Gramatke

Professor for AV and Media Technology / Event Technology.

Previously Meyer Sound Laboratories Germany GmbH, Montabaur, UX/UI Design, Lead and Meyer Sound Laboratories Germany GmbH, Montabaur, iOS Developer.

Prof. Dr. Roland Greule – HAW - Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Roland Greule

Professor of Lighting Technology, Colourimetry, Event Technology, Digital Reality at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), Faculty DMI (Design Medien Information), Department Media Technology, Head of the Lighting Laboratory, Head of the Digital Reality Research and Transfer Centre

Prof. Thomas Sakschewski – Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin

Prof. Thomas Sakschewski

Prof. Thomas Sakschewski is professor for event management and technology at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin. He studied psychology and business administration (MA.  Since 1994 he has held responsible positions as project manager with various responsibilities such as event management, project management or technical management for various clients in Berlin. He is  author of numerous publications in the field of event management and event safety. Current research projects investigate the influencing factors and effects of infection control and hygiene concepts in the event industry (HygieIa), the soft skills of managers in the event industry (AL-Pro) or the Architectures of Security – The Visability of Insecurity (ArchSiU)

Randell Greenlee, Director of Commerce and International Affairs – The German Entertainment Technology Association

Randell Greenlee

Randell Greenlee has been Director for Commerce and International Affairs at VPLT, the German Entertainment Technology Association, since 2014. Previously, he worked as a scene and lighting designer in professional theatres in the US and Europe before beginning a career as an international consultant for live events. He is a lecturer at the VPLT learning centre, DEAplus. He represents the VPLT through its membership in the World Entertainment Technology Federation as well as PEARLE*: Live-Performance Europe and the Event Safety Alliance.

15:00 Opus/Sinus

Opus Award:

Bregenzer Festspiele GmbH

  • Wolfgang Urstadt - Technischer Director,Vertreter als Kopf für das Technische Team
  • Philipp Stölzl  - Regisseur und Bühnenbildner
  • Michael Csar - künstlerischer Betriebsdirektor, Artist Producer

Sinus  Award

  • Martin Schniz techniz - Ingenieurbüro für Medientechnik Martin Schniz
  • Kurt Ranger - Ranger Design
  • Mark Zwerner  - OSRAM Licht AG Mark Zwerner
  • Florian Zach  - 3lpi lichtplaner + beratende ingenieure partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbb seidt wambsganß zach zauner"
  • Rico Weber - SALZBRENNER media GmbH
  • Michael Boy  - livebau solutions GmbH
  • Andreas Schindler  - Schindler Lichtdesign