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10 – 13.4.2018, Frankfurt am Main

New ‘Faces Behind The Voices’ Exhibition

Multi-media presentation of Germany’s best-known dubbing actors

‘Faces Behind the Voices’ comprises 30 stories, 30 portrait photos and 30 unique voices – from James Bond and Bruce Wayne to SpongeBob. Names that immediately conjure up an image – and a characteristic voice. And the ‘Faces Behind the Voices’ exhibition revolves around the voices of Hollywood’s most famous actors and characters.

Faces behind the voices
Faces behind the voices

At the exhibition, 30 high-quality portrait photos by Berlin-based photographer and exhibition initiator Marco Justus Schöler show the faces of Germany’s most popular dubbing actors who, in contrast to their ‘alter egos’, are very rarely in the spotlight. Via interactive panels, visitors can find out more about these well-known voices and hear legendary film quotes, as well as anecdotes from the everyday life of the dubbing actors, before being led towards the answer to the question: which film and television stars have they already caused to speak German?
Via headphones, visitors can immerse themselves into the world of dubbing professionals and obtain more detailed information about their work via touch screens. The results are fascinating. For example, that Bart Simpson has been dubbed by a woman in Germany for over a quarter of a century – and Hollywood stars such as Hilary Swank and Eva Mendes share the same voice (all dubbed by Sandra Schwittau, Munich).

The other dubbing actors include Dietmar Wunder (Daniel Craig, Adam Sandler), Katrin Fröhlich (Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Heather Graham), Gerrit Schmidt-Foss (Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeremy Renner) and Martin Kessler (Nicolas Cage, Vin Diesel).

The exhibition was to be found in Hall 4.1, the focus of which is on audio, media and broadcasting technology. Admission is free of charge for all Prolight + Sound visitors.

The exhibition is in German language only.