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10 – 13.4.2018, Frankfurt am Main

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Broadcast Prod. Rec.

The studio engineering, studio software, micophonics and effects product groups can be fond under the symbol of Broadcast, Production and Recording.

Event & Congress

Events are an essential aspect of modern communication, and are planned and organised by professionals. Find experts from the sector with the special interest “Event & Congress”.

Media Technology & System Integration

Media technology is the generic term for professional audio, video and communication equipment and is represented in the special interest Media Systems.

Stage & Theatre

The product spectrum from theatre industry, sound, lighting and stage technology up to theatre planning can be found with this special interest “Stage & Theatre” in the exhibitorsearch.

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Education + Associations

Education + Associations

Forum 0

Publishers, associations, service providers, universities,
Eventplaza Networking Area, equipment


Light + Stage

Light + Stage

Hall 3.0

Theatre, studio and stage lighting, stages and truss/rigging systems, stage technology, stage


Sound + Audio

Sound + Audio

Hall 3.1

Portable sound, concert sound, installed sound, networks, PA systems and accessories


Light + Multimedia

Light + Multimedia

Hall 4.0

Theatre, studio and stage lighting, media technology, film and camera technology, display, video, LED

Audio + Multimedia

Audio + AV-System

Hall 4.1

Microphones, portable sound, concert sound, recording, production and broadcast, installed sound, networks, media technology

Light + Entertainment

Light + Effects

Hall 5.0

Show and stage lighting, design and installation, laser and effects